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Confusing insurance documents are longer than books

Three-quarters of home and car insurance customers don’t bother to read the small print of their policies – and of those who do, less than a fifth say they understand the jargon. Continue reading

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Don’t overlook eyesight tests for drivers

The devil is often in the detail with business insurance – and eyesight tests for drivers are easy for an employer to overlook.

Keeping a register of eyesight tests and results for drivers is a must for firms who could otherwise give their insurer a get out in settling a claim for repairing a damaged vehicle after a road accident. Continue reading

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Business insurance misselling risk for entrepreneurs

Small businesses may be paying over the odds for insurance and even buying cover they don’t need, according to industry experts .Regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) claims many comparison sites and regulators have a conflict of interest when dealing with business customers. Continue reading

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Kids and Animals trigger odd home insurance claims

Most people would not believe the havoc wreaked by animals and children that end up in odd claims on home insurance. One insurance company has asked loss adjusters to put together details of their 10 most bizarre claims over the last year. Continue reading

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White van man gets a bumpy ride from other drivers

white van manWhite van men do not deserve to be the butt of seemingly never ending jokes about selfish driving habits as they are not as bad behind the wheel as other motorists believe, says the RAC. Continue reading

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Reading business insurance small print is vital

business small printIt’s often said the devil is in the detail in insurance policy terms and conditions – and that certainly seems to be the case as providers are rejecting business insurance terms and conditions to back their decisions. Continue reading

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AEB gives drivers a brake with cheaper car insurance

AEB breakDrivers who have vehicles with emergency braking systems fitted as standard can pick up cheaper car insurance premiums. Several car insurance firms recognise the benefits of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). Continue reading

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Driver with 36 penalty points still legally on the road

penalty pointsMore than 1,400 motorists with at least 12 penalty points on their licences are still allowed to drive – and one driver is still behind the wheel despite having 36 penalty points. Continue reading

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Driving’s all in the stars behind the wheel of fortune

stars in carsAstrologists would have drivers believe they are sitting behind a wheel of fortune rather than a steering wheel once they get into a car.

Car insurer Admiral has called in astrologists to look at the driving records of 3 million customers and found some accident traits line up with their dates of birth. Continue reading

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New drugs and driving laws could have an unexpected side effect for many motorists

drug drivingThe new laws recommend legal limits for driving with 16 different drugs in the body – including eight common prescription drugs.

However, the Insurance Blogger has found out that any driver in a road accident faces a routine test for driving while under the influence of drink or drugs – and unknowingly they could have traces of prescription drugs in their bodies days after taking a dose. Continue reading

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