10 Insider tricks that can land drivers cheap car insurance

Any driver wants cheap car insurance – but few know the inside tricks that can open the door to paying less for cover.

Honesty is always the best policy with car insurers, but sometimes thinking about the answers to questions on the application form can save money.

With that in mind, here are 10 top tips that can help many drivers cut the cost of their car insurance:

  • Consider a putting another driver on your policy – not as ‘fronting’ by claiming they mostly drive the car to gain a cheaper quote but as someone who shares the car as insurers like the stability of relationships.
  • Make sure you leverage driving a company car or van to boost your diving experience
  • Pay for minor bumps and scrapes rather than triggering the excess
  • Phone your insurer on renewal and tell them you intend to move elsewhere if they cannot provide a better deal
  • Don’t pay for cover you don’t need – go through the policy and weed out any expensive extras that do not apply
  • Look after your no-claims discount
  • Park in a garage if you have one – cars left on the street are more likely to be damaged or broken in to
  • Check the job options that cover your work – for example, nurses have higher premiums than healthcare workers
  • Be a quote tart and negotiate the best deal you can – be ruthless and show no brand loyalty but save yourself money
  • Do you really need an expensive new car – older cars are cheaper to insure and modern cars often run and run because of advances in technology

Remember, don’t tell lies to gain cheaper car  insurance – that can be considered fraud and not only voids insurance cover but can be considered a crime.

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