1,000 whiplash scammers a day try to con car insurers

Around a thousand drivers a day are trying to con car insurers with whiplash scams.

Car insurance firms receive around 1,500 claims a day for the injury – and reckon around two-thirds are fraudsters.

Now, one firm, LV=, has released details of some opportunist scammers who tried to fool them into parting with cash but were caught telling lies:

  • A mum claimed she and her daughter were hurt in a crash – then posted on Facebook she was badly shaken in the accident but luckily her daughter was not in the car at the time. She admitted her mistake when approached, saving the company a £2,500 pay out
  • A woman claimed £1,000 compensation for a car crash whiplash injury because she had to cancel her holiday. Inquiries revealed she had in fact hurt her neck after jumping back in surprise when a tiger leapt out of the screen while she was at the cinema watching blockbuster Life of Pi in 3-D
  • A cash-for-crash scammer was caught on film when he slammed his brakes on colliding with the back of a van. He claimed £20,000 compensation, but changed his mind when the van driver, a CCTV installer, provided footage of the incident from a camera install on his van
  • A professional boxer stopped a £10,000 claim when he was seen fighting in the ring just six weeks after alleging he could not take part in the sport due to a whiplash injury
  • A woman sent receipts worth £1,000 for fake designer sunglasses and jewellery she claimed were broken or lost when she was hurt in a road accident. Investigators discovered the fakes and the claim was withdrawn
  • A mum was caught out claiming £3,000 for a whiplash injury in a crash in a friend’s car which took place at the same time she was giving birth

LV= managing director John O’Roarke said: “Fraud is seen as a victimless crime, but the reality is that it drives up premiums for honest motorists. Claims for whiplash cost insurers £2 billion a year and add around £90 to every premium.”

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