50% of Homeowners don’t let on about Building Works

Homeowners have ditched moving in favour of improving because house prices have dipped and lenders have tightened up on lending on mortgages.

Instead, many are extending where they can, adding extensions, loft rooms and other improvements.

Once decluttering and maximising the use of every available nook and cranny has finished, many homeowners look at extending as the only way to add space and value – especially if they have a new baby or a growing family.

The trouble for just over half is that don’t tell their home insurer about the work, which could mean any home insurance claim will be rejected.

Home insurers need to be told about major homeworks for two reasons –

●        If changes to the home leave lapses in security or are carried out by a builder without liability cover, no claims for theft will be entertained unless forced entry can be proved.

●        Adding rooms or a garage may change the house price and rebuild value, and failing to notify your insurer could mean a home is underinsured in the event of a claim – but generally only if values change by £10,000 or more.

A survey by an online buildings insurance comparison site revealed 26% would not tell their insurer about the work, another 21% said they didn’t think they had to tell them, while 3% couldn’t be bothered and 2% would keep quiet because their insurance premium might go up.

Around 200,000 homes a year are given a serious facelift – which could mean around 100,000 homeowners are seriously risking voiding their home insurance.

The worst offenders, according to the online home insurance comparison site, live in Yorkshire and Humberside, where three out of 10 homeowners don’t bother to tell their insurer about improvements.

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