Most Expensive Home Insurance Postcodes

If you live in one of the top 10 postcodes for home insurance price increases, you could pay up to 46% more for the same cover as someone living outside a hot spot.

Blame for the soaring cost of home insurance cover in some cities goes to fraudsters making false claims, more vandalism and increasing crime.

The most expensive places for home insurance in England are sedate Dorking, Surrey and Winchester, Hampshire.

Edinburgh and Glasgow take two of the top four places, while nowhere in Wales ranks in the top 20.

So how much extra do householders pay in a home insurance hot spot?

Those living in Dorking saw the cost of their premiums surge by 46% in a year – from an average £119 to £174 – equivalent to an extra 15 pence a day.

Edinburgh is one of the most expensive places to insure a home – with a 45% increase pushing up the cost from £144 to £208.

Table: Most expensive home insurance postcodes

Most expensive home insurance postcodesData:
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