Alien Abduction Insurance – Space… The Final Frontier

If you are the kind of person who thinks they have everything battened down when it comes to insurance, then think again if you don’t have alien abduction cover.

Several insurers offer this UFO abduction cover – with benefits ranging from providing long term psychological care, sarcasm protection and cash pay outs.

One policy even includes a $20 million double indemnity if the alien tries to eat you.

UK web site Alien Abduction Insurance is offering $1,000 cover paid as $1 a year for the next 1,000 years – but abductees need to prove the abduction.

The policy demands:

  • Keeping the insurance certificate on your person at all times, as you never know when you might get beamed up
  • Grabbing proof of being aboard the mothership – the insurer will accept photographs or alien DNA
  • Asking an alien to sign a statement proving you were detained on a space ship

On return to terra firma, completing the claim form is the only formality between you and that $1 a year.

A valid claim must include the name or description of the alien life-form and the type of space craft you travelled on – preferably with a photograph.

Insurer UFO2001 asks for the meagre sum of just $7.95 offering $10 million pay out for proven alien abduction.

The problem is the insurance only pays out once and most alien abductees claim multiple incidents.

Qualification is simple – prior alien abductions are not valid for claims.

The insurer claims to have sold 1,200 policies – but surprisingly no claims for the pay out of $1 a year for 10 million years have been received.

Asked why his firm offers alien abduction insurance , Mike St Lawrence said: “ I checked my insurances and saw I was not covered for alien abduction. It’s the perfect insurance for someone who thinks they have everything covered.”

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2 Responses to Alien Abduction Insurance – Space… The Final Frontier

  1. All this shows is how incredibly gullible some extremes of the general populace can be. If you could ever prove an alien abduction, you wouldn’t need the insurance pay out, just think of the book deals, stardom status, nobel prizes. It would be a game changer for the human race.

  2. Jamie says:

    Haha! well I wouldn’t put it past some companies to invent this kind of insurance, I’m surprised some people have fallen for it! It’s the first thing a new business owner would think: “I’ve got Public Liability Insurance, Business Insurance, PI Insurance, Office Cover, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, oh yes… Alien abduction cover! Sorted.” I wonder what will come next?

    Jamie at Qdos

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