An End to Car Insurance Certificates when Applying for your Road Tax?

The government is accused of sending mixed messages to motorists over plans to cancel insurance certificate inspections when applying for a road fund tax disc at the Post Office.

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has launched a consultation asking the public and industry whether the checks are worthwhile now  that Continuing Insurance Enforcement (CIE) is in place.

CIE is an online check that vehicles are insured by comparing registration numbers on insurer databases with the DVLA database. Vehicles that don’t show as insured are sent letters and progressively steeper fines.

If the warnings are ignored, police can call and confiscate or even scrap the vehicle. The check also includes making sure a vehicle has a valid MoT test certificate.

The consultation document claims that the double check at the Post Office and through CIE doubles up on time and resources and suggests the CIE check is enough.

Motoring groups have slammed the proposal as a step back when so much work to stamp out driving without insurance has been undertaken.

Simon Douglas of AA Insurance, says that the industry has worked hard to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on Britain’s roads and this is beginning to show signs of success.

“This will send out entirely the wrong message and will undo much the work carried out by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, the Government and the insurance industry to tighten up enforcement of the law,” he said.

“To knock out a simple and almost fool-proof check that insurance is in place, once every year or six months, is madness.  It’s telling the public that it’s OK to delay or even avoid taking out cover.

“It’s simply not good enough to rely on Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) legislation which was introduced last year; and the police using automatic number plate recognition technology to identify uninsured vehicles after the event.  Surely it is better to ensure that vehicles are insured from the outset.”

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