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Postcode lottery is yet another car insurance scam

Car insurers have noticed motorists are trying to keep down the cost of cover with a new trick. Because the cost of car cover is based on where the car is kept overnight, some drivers are filling in applications with … Continue reading

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Need to Know: Contents Insurance for Students

Tenants and students renting a home do not have to worry about buildings insurance – but many forget they need cover for their own belongings. The property owner will take care of buildings insurance for anyone living in a buy … Continue reading

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Boastful drivers miss out on cheap car insurance

Motorists are a competitive bunch who often blur fact with fiction about the way they and other road users drive. More than three-quarters (78%) rate themselves as above average when behind the wheel, while a 22% boast they are ‘excellent’ … Continue reading

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Fines for driving without insurance set to rise 50%

Drivers without insurance for cars, vans or motorcycles face a 50% increase in on-the-spot penalties from July 2013. The fine is set to rise from £200 to £300 – but many road safety and motoring groups feel the penalty is … Continue reading

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1,000 whiplash scammers a day try to con car insurers

Around a thousand drivers a day are trying to con car insurers with whiplash scams. Car insurance firms receive around 1,500 claims a day for the injury – and reckon around two-thirds are fraudsters. Now, one firm, LV=, has released … Continue reading

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A leasehold landlord who found guttering blocked with a table, a rug and newspapers has had his insurance claim rejected despite paying thousands of pounds for repairs to the building out of his own pocket.

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Summer Music Festival Thefts Set to Soar

Summer music festivals attract thousands of music and culture lovers to muddy fields across the country. While most people are out to have a good time and enjoy their favourite entertainers, unfortunately thieves are also among the crowds and the … Continue reading

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A Sony Insurance Shop on Your Local High Street?

Forget the PlayStation, cameras, TVs and phones – besides movies and music, Sony’s most profitable business is selling insurance. The electronics giant has shaped the world by leading technological advances for decades – from video recorders, the Walkman to the … Continue reading

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How your pet can void your car insurance

If you are a driver and have a crash while your beloved pet is running wild in the car, you could be facing an expensive bill. Most car insurance policies will include a disclaimer about careless driving – and that … Continue reading

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Russian Car Insurance Scams: cash for crash ‘jumpers’

Cash for crash scams in Britain have driven up the cost of car insurance and led to insurers tightening up the rules for dealing with personal injury claims. But if you thought British insurers were sometimes unfair in turning down … Continue reading

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