Barkey Insurance : Need to Know

If running a bakery is your recipe for success, you need to make sure you can keep trading on that good reputation with customers.

Serving tasty bread and cakes is just one slice of the bakery pie – looking after the business is another important aspect that you cannot overlook.

Bakery insurance is specialist cover that safeguards your hard work from damaging claims – from staff, customers and unforeseen events.

An expert broker will roll up your cover to protect you against the risks with a bespoke tailored policy.

Business insurance is not a one size fits all product because every business operates differently.

For instance, you may have a wholesale or retail business – or even a mix of the two supplying bread and cakes to other retailers and selling through your own outlets.

You don’t want to take out bakery insurance to cover all eventualities as you will probably pay more than you need.

Basic bakery insurance cover will offer protection for three main risks:

  • Public liability – for customers or visitors to your premises who may hurt themselves or suffer a loss
  • Employers liability – a legal requirement for volunteer, part time and full time staff
  • Product liability – cover for issues like food poisoning

Next look at your business – if you deliver you will have to look at business insurance for vans, lorries and goods in transit.

Protecting profits is also important – if you cannot trade because of fire, flood or other emergency, business interruption cover can safeguard your finances.

Damage to equipment or loss of stock could also cost your business valuable income – and your bakery insurance can also take care of these problems.

Your broker can also help with buying the best value bakery insurance by comparing cover and explaining the small print like exclusions, excesses and other add-ons that can shape the policy to your personal business needs.

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