Q. What’s the best way to find cheap car insurance? A. To get a wriggle on.

Drivers who delay renewing their car insurance can end up paying £13 more for the same cover because of inflation.

The cost is going up so fast that 44p is added to a premium every day – so finding cheaper car cover and not taking the deal straight away can wipe out any savings.

A comprehensive car insurance premium of £500 in January 2010 now costs £655 as insurers raised prices by 31% in the year.

Finding the same cover at a discount of £15 (£640) and delaying purchase for a month would cut the saving to just £1.80.

Prices are expected to continue rising at 20% or more for 2011.

The cost of motoring is also soaring due to price increases at fuel pumps – so much so that two out of three car owners are driving less to try and save money.

Many drivers struggle to find the cash to run a car as rising bills for insurance and fuel compete with higher food and utility prices at home.

The situation is likely to worsen if the government enforces the planned 1p rise in fuel duty for April that will put another 40p on filling up a standard 40 litre car fuel tank.

The worst affected drivers are those in rural areas who must travel greater distances to work and shop and those regularly commuting.

Keeping the price of motoring down is not easy for many drivers, but here are some tips to cut the cost:

  • Try walking to the corner shop or when taking children to and from school – you’ll save money and get fitter at that same time
  • Don’t drive too fast – a heavy foot on the accelerator drinks fuel
  • Remove roof racks to improve fuel efficiency

To find cheap cover, shop around for the best deal on a car insurance comparison site or visit a trusted broker.

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