Blogger goes Bonkers looking for Cheap Car Cover

The world seems completely bonkers to the Insurance Blogger after a boring afternoon spent looking for a cheap car insurance quote.

After several hours at the keyboard, endless telephone calls from hopeless sales people and some personable and genuine help from a broker, the cheapest car insurance was offered by the firm I was already with.

The game goes like this –

  • Insurance bloke sends the Insurance Blogger a neatly typed renewal offering basic cover at an extortionate price
  • Insurance Blogger phones up and meekly suggests a cheaper option. Insurer guffaws loudly and raises excess to stratospheric heights of £500 to knock a tenner off the quote.
  • Insurance Blogger sighs and replaces phone to begin endless round of comparison web site data input.
  • Nice lady broker then offers cover with the same insurer the Blogger is already with at a cheaper price, claiming she can do this by giving me a £100 of the commission the insurer pays them for the new business.
  • Blogger phones insurance firm and points out inanity of the process – then insurer says ‘calm down, it’s only insurance’ and explains they were only joking with the original renewal cost and stratospheric excess and of course they don’t want to lose me as a customer.
  • Then, they reduce cost of renewal and throw in add-on cover like a hire car and legal expenses for free.
  • Overall result – a £50 discount on insurance without reducing cover or increasing excess.

The extra cash is handy for the bottle of scotch and headache tablets to calm the stress suffered  – not to mention the cost of unnecessary phone calls.

When I can bring myself to watch a car insurance ad on TV without triggering post-traumatic stress and the gibbering heebie jeebies, I’ll consider arranging breakdown cover as well.

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