Buying Guide to European Breakdown Insurance Cover

Rolling around the roads of Europe at your own leisurely pace is a great attraction for many drivers – but with one in 10 involved in an accident while abroad, it pays to have the right car insurance cover.

With Easter and the start of the holiday season fast approaching, many drivers will be heading off for warmer climes in the months leading up to the summer crush.

Most drivers opt for a ‘green card’ – the nickname for an international motor insurance certificate.

Watch out if you are driving through more than one country, because the green card offers basic protection for each country, which may only add up to the equivalent of third party car insurance in the UK.

Some motorists with comprehensive cover may have up to 90 days overseas driving bundled in to their policy – but most do not.

Before spending on extra cover, check out your car insurance policy small print to see exactly what is available.

Even comprehensive policies offering overseas cover may drop down to green card cover levels.

The factors that affect cost include:

  • Cross border driving – different insurers exclude countries or zone regions and charge according to which are visited.
  • Time overseas – many have different prices for trips that last longer or shorter than 30 days

After checking your policy, consider breakdown cover so if your car needs costly repairs and is off the road, at least you have a policy that will help provide accommodation, a hire car or arrange transport home.

Some breakdown cover includes the costs of returning overseas to pick up a car as well.

Breakdown insurance is a standalone product, so shop around for the best price or negotiate a deal to bundle cover in with your car insurance.

If you are towing a caravan or trailer, you may need additional standard and breakdown insurance cover as well.

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