Is this Britain’s unluckiest homeowner?

Allan Taylor has got to live in one of the country’s most unlucky houses; with 39 cars knocking down his walls, damaging his vehicles and ending up in garden in the past 10 years.

In one day alone before Christmas, nine cars skidded on ice and crashed in to his home, demolishing a fence and writing off his Range Rover in the process.

Mr Taylor, 69, spent a whole day with a loss assessor from his home and car insurance companies sorting out his claims, but the local council refuses to grit the road outside his Canvey Island, Essex, home or change the lay out to stop the crashes.

While police were at the scene dealing with two accidents, one involving a driver who needed hospital treatment for face injuries, another two cars lost control and hit traffic bollards.

The next day, while Mr Taylor was clearing up after the previous day’s disasters, three more cars crashed in to his garden.

House numbers that make the most home insurance claims

Essex County Council refuses to grit the road to reduce the number of accidents; they say they only have the resources to concentrate on major routes and not residential streets.

The number of Mr Taylor’s house in Hardy’s Way, Canvey, is not known; but a good guess would make it one of those in the table of house numbers with the highest number of insurance claims:

The Insurance Blogger’s cynical response would be the lower the house number, the more insurance claims you would expect; after all, there are more houses at number 1 than there are at 546, for instance, in most British streets.

According to the guys at, who must have been bored over Christmas to compile the chart, most home insurance claims come from people living between numbers 190 and 243 any given street.

Perhaps a mathematician or probability theorist could explain that? Anyhow no matter what number you live at you can save a minimum of 10% on your home insurance with Quoteline Direct.

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