Britain’s Mugging Black Spots

crime blackspMost police forces reported a hike in pickpocketing and bag thefts with almost 2 million people falling victim to thieves while they were out and about last year.

The figures show that in the three minutes or so it takes to read this article, someone, somewhere, will be mugged.

Police put the reason down to the increasing number of gadgets we carry about – with the average person taking technology and cash worth around £315 with them, say insurers.

The mugging black spots are London, Leeds, Birmingham and the Thames Valley, which includes places like Oxford, Reading and Slough.

Official police crime complaints showed thefts from the person increased in 2013 – with pickpocketing up 10%, street robbery up 6% and other personal thefts up 5%. At the same time, burglary and home thefts were down 8%.

An analysis of police data shows people are most at risk when they are out on Saturdays:

  • Between midday and 3 pm. A fifth of all muggings take place during these times.
  • Pubs and clubs closing time between 11pm and 2am Sunday morning – when another 17% of muggings occur

The favourite places for thieves to strike are pubs and bars, on public transport or in the street. More than four out of 10 thieves strike in these places.

The most likely place to be mugged is Call Lane, Leeds, where almost a thousand muggings have been reported in the past three years – an average of around one a day.

The Victoria Shopping Centre, Nottingham, also has a high strike rate for personal thefts, with 812 offences logged.

Most home insurance policies do not cover theft away from the home unless personal possession cover is added at extra cost.

The likelihood is anything stolen is gone for good, with police recovering just 6% of belongings stolen in muggings.

According to police, technology stolen in Britain often ends up on the black market in Russia or Eastern Europe.



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