70 crashes and seven cars smashed for Britain’s unluckiest couple

Speeding motorists have had 70 crashes outside Jim and Susie Perry’s home and written off seven cars parked on a couple’s drive.

The couple are wresting the crown as Britain’s unluckiest homeowners from former holder Allan Taylor, of Canvey Island, Essex.

The Perrys, of Littleover, Derby, have campaigned for road improvements for six years.
Their misery surpasses that of Mr Taylor – who has had a mere 39 cars knock down his walls, damaging his vehicles and end up in his garden in the past 10 years.

In one day alone before Christmas, nine cars skidded on ice and crashed in to his home, demolishing a fence and writing off his Range Rover in the process.

Police were dealing with one accident when another car was in a collision only yards away.

Car insurance pay outs less than value of vehicles

The Perrys have lived in Littleover since 1993 but claim the crashes have become more frequent over the past six years.

They say someone is hurt in an accident once a month.

Other crashes include a car demolishing a garden wall, a wrecked signpost, a collision with a tree and one car hitting a house.

Five of the written-off cars – a Volvo, a Ford Escort, two Kia Carens and a Galaxy – belonged to the Perrys while the two others belonged to visiting friends.

Mrs Perry, 59, said: “The insurance pay-outs do not cover the value of the cars. We wouldn’t get an expensive car because we’re worried that someone will damage it.”

Derby City Council has disclosed plans to try and cut the number of crashes by altering the road lay-out, but residents claim the changes will not stop drivers speeding.

In total, both couples have had 109 accidents outside their homes and have seen cars written-off on their driveways and several others damaged.

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