$1m Bugatti crash video puts driver in frame for fraud

Driver Andy House crashed his $1 million Bugatti sports car in to a lake claiming he was distracted by a pelican and mosquitos when veering in to the water.

Unfortunately for House, another driver filmed the crash and put the clip on YouTube – triggering an insurance fraud investigation.

The video does not seem to show any pelicans or other birds in the vicinity of the supercar before the crash, prompting insurers to claim House deliberately drove in to the Texas lake to make a claim for the cash.

The investigation was prompted when Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance were checking the claim and found the car was insured for $2.2 million three weeks before the accident.

The driver told insurers that he had dropped his mobile phone while driving and swerved when a pelican flew across the road as he picked it up.

Apparently, Bugattis have sophisticated on-board computers that manage the engine in accidents, which has led to questions about why the car was left running half submerged in water.

House said mosquitos pestered him while he was in the water, so he left the engine on as he escaped to dry land.

This car is one of just 15 in the US and one of 200 made by the Italian luxury car firm.

Skunk hunting

Meanwhile, Peanut the skunk hunting dog has won the Veterinary Pet Insurance’s Hambone Award for the most outlandish claim.

Peanut, a dachshund-terrier mongrel was buried alive after fighting with skunk under owner Keith Wolfram’s home in Sickler, New Jersey.

Firefighters and neighbours mounted a frantic rescue operation to unearth the dog, which was eventually uncovered suffering from hypothermia.

Image rights

No one could predict the aftermath of Borussia Dortmund coach Jeurgen Klopp breaking his glasses while celebrating a win against rival Bayern Munich in February 2011.

Insurers have handled claims for new glasses from copycat fraudsters ripping off the image of Klopp’s broken specs from web sites – resulting in hundreds of forms all with the same photo as evidence of loss.

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  1. The Bugatti story is ridiculous, why destroy such a rare and valuable car!? Luckily more and more drivers are becoming aware of what goes on on the roads, and recordings like these are doing a good service!

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