How to cut the cost of builders and tradesman insurance

The sky’s the limit for some insurance claims, but just because the risk is high does not mean the cost of cover has to go through the roof as well.

Business customers with a high exposure to risk are likely need to weigh up the cover they need against the cost without skimping on features and benefits.

Often those that pay the most are construction industry specialists, and they can work out how to handle health and safety problems by following free risk assessment advice.

Free help and assessment templates are available for download from the Health and Safety Executive website. Completing the risk assessment (and putting any tips in to action) will streamline your business and put the owners in a position to answer likely health and safety questions from any insurance company.

Typical construction businesses that need specialist high risk insurance include:

  • Roofers: cover varies depending on the type of roofing and whether applying heat is involved
  • Scaffolders: stringent health and safety can make finding this cover difficult
  • Welders: another sector that’s a hot topic for health and safety
  • Ground workers: risks involved with heavy-duty plant and machinery can mean having to dig deep to cover the costs of cover

Other key workers with special needs are gas fitters and those dealing with waste; especially skip hire and disposal firms coming in to contact with hazardous materials, like asbestos.

Rules and regulations also differ between countries, but many specialist construction firms operate across borders and compete for business worldwide. For international firms, arranging the right cover to keep costs down is imperative.

Arranging insurance through an experienced broker can pay-off in more ways than one, especially if you consider that most will be up-to-date on health and safety issues and other issues that affect the overall cost of cover.

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