Burglary, fire and theft … what 2014 has in store for insurance

crystal ballOne insurance firm is so confident about predicting claims for the year ahead that they have produced a calendar warning drivers and homeowners of the troubles ahead.

The forecast comes from analysing a decade of claims data by insurance giant Aviva.

The firm owns up to not having a crystal ball or other mystic powers to predict the future other than a powerful computer to sift through millions of bytes of data.

So this is what you can expect for the rest of the year:

  • January – The month with the highest number of claims for water leaks from burst frozen pipes. Not a good start for the firm, with an unseasonably warm and wet January and the country beset with floods.
  • February – Valentine’s Day (February 14th) sees a peak for car thefts (up 12%) and burglaries (up 9%)
  • March – Car thefts also increase 14% on Mother’s Day
  • April – Easter Sunday has an unusually high number of accidents in the home. Probably down to
  • Hyper kids quaffing all the chocolate and sweets stuffed with e-numbers. The number of house fires cools 17% as the weather warms.
  • May – Burglaries drop 14% as the evenings are lighter, but people spend more time at home during the bank holidays. Drink spills on carpets and damage to gadgets and computers rises 10%. Sadly, motorcyclists take advantage of the balmy weather, leading to a 35% rise in the number of road accidents
  • June – Father’s Day see an 11% boost in damage claims, but house fire claims drop another 23% thanks to the warmer weather.
  • July – Summer sports tournaments like the World Cup and Wimbledon see the number of broken windows surge by 20% as fans kick and throw things about in celebration – or frustration. July 7th is one of the blackest days for burglaries as summer weather leads more people to leave doors and windows open. On average burglary claims are 12% up on this day.
  • August – Bank holiday mayhem again with a 10% rise in the number of accidents at home
  • September – Home accidents drop 6% but thefts from homes are up 5% as the evenings draw in.
  • October – Halloween sees criminal damage claims soar by 160% over an average day. Car accidents increase 30% with darker evenings made worse with fog and ice.
  • November – Bonfire night is the worst day of the year for burglary (up 22%) and car theft (up 20%) compared to an average day. Unsurprisingly fire claims are also up – 60%
  • December – Fire claims are double those on Bonfire Night (up 120%) often due to decorations catching alight. Even burglars and thieves take Christmas Day and Boxing Day off as the holidays see the least break-ins to homes and cars.
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