Burglary Statistics Increase as Clocks Go Back

With nights drawing in and the clocks due to go back, insurance companies are warning that thieves and vandals are on the prowl.

Claims information shows that the number of homes and cars damaged and broken in to soars as the evenings get darker.

Halloween sees a 150% increase in claims for malicious damage to homes, including damage to doors, smashed windows and general vandalism – often caused by throwing food like eggs, flour and even pumpkins.  Cars are also hit with a 45% increase in claims of damage.

Bonfire Night is the worst evening for burglaries – with a 25% increase over the number on an average day.

The prime targets for thieves are gold and jewellery, with claims rising by a third for just this single night, while break-ins are not the only problem, car thefts also jump 20% and damage claims by 19%, and unsurprisingly, November 5 also sees a 50% in claims off home insurance for fire damage.

Rob Townend, director of claims at insurer Aviva, said: “What could be better than lots of noise from fireworks and the cloak of darkness to help thieves target your home and car.  With darker nights and plenty of householders enjoying bonfire parties outside and away from their home there is a great opportunity for thieves to take advantage.

“The price of gold and silver has risen by over 100% in the past 5 years, so it is not surprising jewellery is a prime target for thieves. It’s clearly a time for people to be extra vigilant and we would also encourage all homeowners to ensure that their valuables are insured for the right amount, so if the worst happens they can be fully compensated for their loss.

“On firework night, always follow safety instructions closely if you’re hosting a bonfire party as it only takes a stray spark or misdirected firework to cause a serious amount of damage to any property in the vicinity.”

Crooks on the prowl as clocks go back

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