Guide to Cafe and coffee shop Insurance

However well your cafe or coffee shop business is going, you never know if trouble is brewing.

A busy cafe or coffee shop is a fine blend of hard work and behind-the-scenes organisation.

The last thing you want to do is to see all that effort go to waste because you haven’t planned for the unexpected and covered the risk by taking out business insurance.

Cost-effective cafe insurance is designed to kick in to cover events that might your business or your income.

Business insurance covers sole traders, partnerships or companies and can begin at any time if the business is start-up or has traded for some while.

What business insurance covers

Business insurance aims to cover big expenses that disrupt a business and affect cash flow.

Besides insuring kitchen equipment, the furnishings and building, some cafes and coffee shops need extra cover as well.

To help you select the right package, here are some points to bear in mind:

  • Injuries to customers like trips, scalds and falls are taken care of by public liability insurance
  • Staff are protected if they are injured or contract a work-related illness with employers liability insurance – the law says any business employing full or part time staff must take out this cover.
  • Kitchen and coffee making equipment can be covered for repairs and replacement
  • Commercial van or car insurance is a must if you deliver take-outs like sandwiches or pizzas
  • Replace turnover with business disruption cover – pays out when your cafe or coffee shop can’t open due to emergencies like a fire or flood.
  • Take out insurance to cover the premises

How to find business insurance

Many insurance companies offer business insurance through a specialist commercial department, but because packages are tailored to the needs of a specific business, try a broker like Quoteline Direct to find the right cover at the best price.

Brokers can save a business time searching for the right policy, can hook in to special deals and will have contacts with insurers who want to offer insurance to cafes and coffee shops.

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