Business insurance is just the job for the self-employed

Business is booming for enterprising workers setting up their own firms at home – but many are neglecting to take out the right insurance.

Around 5 million small businesses work from home at some time during the day.

Most are one-man bands with IT consulting topping the list of favourite business sectors. Other popular home-based workers include teachers; healthcare workers from physiotherapists to counsellors; freelance creatives and consultancy businesses.

Two thirds of home businesses (64%) operate from semi-detached or detached homes and half of entrepreneurs set up because they want to be the boss.

Public liability

Many home businesses are too busy making money to worry about some of the finer points of self-employment – like arranging business insurance.

Working from home often means finding specialist insurance as the terms of standard home policies are voided by business use. For instance, cover is limited for IT or business equipment that may mean important items are not covered if they are stolen or suffer accidental damage.

Another key point is public liability insurance to protect employees, customers or visitors coming to your home on business against the risks of injury, illness or death.

Specialist cover

Other specialist areas covered by small business insurance include:

  • Cars and business vehicles – standard car insurance covers social, domestic and pleasure use and an insurer may not pay out if you have a crash while out on a visit to a client
  • Liability cover for equipment you may take in for repairs at a home workshop
  • Stock or materials in storage at home

Besides day-to-day business insurance cover, many professional who belong to a regulated body are required to have professional indemnity cover.

Many business insurance policies are bundled to provide premises, equipment and liability cover with other options as bolt-on options for an additional premium.

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One Response to Business insurance is just the job for the self-employed

  1. If you are working from home it is important to have the right Property Insurance in place. If you work out of a home office/bedroom and it is clerical work only then you should tell your insurer. Generally this makes little or no difference to a home insurance policy.

    On the other hand if you have £20,000 of stock in your garage or garden shed and/or have people visiting all the time as part of your business, then there is obviously a bigger risk and the insurance need changes and is likely to cost more. It’s a cost your business should be in a position to pay.

    Just don’t leave it and hope you can claim on a standard home policy if it all goes wrong. It’ll get thrown back to you. Try visiting, it can offer policies on all cases and compare prices!

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