10 car crash expenses drivers can claim

Putting in an insurance claim is crunch time for drivers who have had a crash.

If you don’t know what to claim, you could end up with a much-reduced pay out, while claiming too much could lead to your car insurance firm combing through the receipts to look for items they can cut.

If you have had a crash and need some idea of what you can claim for, here’s the Insurance Blogger guide to the top 10 expenses an insurer expects to see:

  • Accident damage repairs or vehicle replacement if your car is written off  – opt for market value rather than book value cover on your policy for the highest pay out
  • Hiring a similar car to your own while its in for repairs – don’t go upmarket as the in surer will reclaim the difference between the most expensive and cheaper options
  • If you prefer not to have a replacement car, you can still claim ‘loss of use’. You submit a claim for the number of days you are without your car and the insurer generally pays out at a flat daily rate
  • Claim any storage costs a garage or tow firm charges for keeping and moving your car from the scene and while you are waiting for repairs to start
  • Tot up the mileage you cover after the accident – like attending hospital or your doctor for treatment for any injuries.
  • Ask for receipts for any expenses relating to the crash – like prescription charges
  • Get your boss or payroll department to confirm in writing how much pay you have lost if you cannot work. Claim as loss of earnings.
  • Charge an hourly rate for friends or family who help you out after the accident – log the times and exactly what they do.
  • If you crash on the way to the airport or miss your holiday because you are suffering an injury, claim the cost – providing your travel insurance has not already paid out. If it has, you can’t claim twice for the same loss.
  • Claim the cost of lost or damaged possessions that were in the car at the time of the crash.

 Don’t forget, this is not a definitive list – you may have other costs you can reclaim. Check your insurance policy to see what is covered, and remember to speak to a lawyer if legal fees are included.

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  1. Michael P Travis says:

    I have just claimed off my car insurance for a small ammount, but found i could not claim back any loss of insurance premiums which supprised me because i had six months premium deducted from the claim value.I will be writing to them as i consider this to be a loss which would have not occurred but for the accident which was not my fault in my eyes this should have been retreived from the other insurance company as a loss what do you think

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