Car Insurance Keywords Top Driver’s Web Search Table

Cheap car insurance remains one of the most popular insurance search terms online, according to a survey by web data analysts Greenlight.

The latest figures – for January 2012 – show half of the searches for insurance were for car insurance.

The phrase ‘car insurance’ was the most popular term with the keywords typed in to search engines 550,000 times – a 29% share of the sector.

Other popular terms were:

  • ‘Cheap car insurance’ – 165,000 searches or 7% of the searches for car insurance terms
  • ‘Car insurance quotes’ – 74,000 searches (4%)
  • ‘Compare car insurance’ – 49,500 (3%)
  • ‘Cheapest car insurance’ – 40,500 (2%)
  • ‘Temporary car insurance’ – 40,500 (2%)

The rest of the searches were for ‘home insurance’ (74,000 searches 4%);  ‘travel insurance’ (246,000 searches 13%); ‘holiday insurance’ (49,500 3%) or various non-descript search terms (31%)

The online activity follows almost three years of successive rises in the cost of car insurance to record levels for all drivers.

With average policy premiums piling up to almost £2,500 a year for drivers aged under 25 years old, hundreds of thousands of motorists are looking for cheap car insurance deals.

Meanwhile, a new report shows how high car insurance and running costs are tempting drivers to put their cars on the road illegally.

The survey by LV= reveals that 7 million ‘illegal’ cars still on the road because drivers cannot afford insurance or running costs.

The insurer adds that one in five (18%) motorists have driven without a valid MOT certificate while many are waiting up to four months to repair car faults, like defective lights and brakes, which make them illegal to drive on the roads.

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