Car insurance leads in online search to save cash

Car insurance is the most searched insurance term on the web, according to the latest report from independent marketing monitor Experian.

The firm has tracked online searches for finance and insurance products for three years – and has just released a list of the most popular keywords motorists are putting in to Google and other search engines to try to find cheap car insurance.

The findings show the term ‘car insurance’ is searched at least twice as much as any other insurance term and the number of searches has increased by 9% since 2010.

Surprisingly, the next most popular insurance product searched for online is travel cover, not home insurance.

This makes sense as the annual cost of insuring a car has increased every month for a year or so, encouraging drivers to look for better car insurance deals.

Research also shows that TV advertising is influencing the market as the number of motorists searching for comparison sites is also growing – especially for ‘go compare car insurance’ and ‘confused car insurance’.

The top search terms for car insurance that do not mention brand names are:

  • Car insurance
  • Car insurance quotes
  • Cheap car insurance
  • Compare car insurance
  • Cheapest car insurance
  • Van insurance

Top comparison sites searched by motorists looking for car insurance quotes are Go Compare and

The top brands searched are Aviva, Direct Line and Tesco.

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