Proving a no claims history for company car drivers

Thousands of drivers who have had company cars for years are suddenly finding they don’t have a firm’s vehicle any more as jobs, perk and tax hikes take their toll after the recession.

Now these drivers are looking for the cheapest motor insurance but need to know how to prove their no claims history.

The hassle is well worthwhile as the discount for just a single claims-free year can chop up to 40% of the car insurance premium.

Drivers making the switch from a company vehicle to their own car have to make sure they put some extra paperwork together before they go shopping for insurance cover.

The best and easiest way to prove a driving history is to ask the fleet insurer, not the company who owned the car, for some information on letter headed paper.

The letter should explain:

  • How many years of no claims discount you’ve earned
  • The date the policy expired
  • Details of any claims you have made

If your fleet had more than one insurer in the last few years or you have worked for more than one firm that has given you a company car, you need to have a letter from both insurance companies.

The fleet insurer’s letter certifies your driving history like a certificate of insurance does for any other driver.

Insurance companies are notoriously picky and won’t accept any of these as proof of cover:

  • Letters certifying your no claims discount that are more than two year’s old
  • Photocopies, faxes or other copies of an original letter
  • A certificate of insurance
  • Insurance quotes you may have been offered
  • Proof of no claim already used against another policy
  • Letters from a most brokers, but some insurers will accept letters from the AA, RAC or AXA, for example.

If there’s a break in the history, like when you changed a job, for example, give a written explanation to the insurer.

You can compare car insurance premiums, features and benefits by using our service, but any estimate of what your premium is likely to be subject to proving your no claims discount.

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