Check out your caravan and camper van insurance

Summer’s here and many camper van and caravan owners are about to set out on road trips at home and in Europe.

Before you head off on your travels, review your camper or caravan insurance as the rules have recently changed.

Camper van owners come under the new continuous enforcement insurance (CIE) rules that make owners liable for insuring any vehicle that does not have a statutory off road notification (SORN).

If you own a camper van but park on the drive for most of the year, the vehicle still needs insurance unless you have told the DVLA the camper is laid up off the road.

Failing to notify DVLA can result in fines of up to £1,000 and seizure and crushing of the camper.

The rules are different for caravans because they are not motor vehicles, they do not come under the CIE regulations.

It’s still important to insure a caravan for any mishaps on the road.

Camper van and caravan insurance is a little more complicated than that for a car or van.

Owners have to make sure everything inside the camper or caravan is covered – like contents, awnings, steps, gadgets and equipment stowed in compartments.

Don’t forget mountain bikes and sports equipment fastened to the back or roof as well.

Check the cover for fire, theft, accident, vandalism and natural disasters like flood. One valuable add-on is alternative accommodation if something goes wrong, especially if you are travelling with children or elderly relatives.

If touring overseas, make sure any insurance offers the same level of protection in Europe as in the UK. Most do not, but cover comes as an added option with an extra payment.

The likelihood is if a camper van has comprehensive insurance cover in the UK, the cover drops to the basic legal requirement in France when the camper is driven off the ferry or Eurostar.

Some camper and caravan insurers offer breakdown cover as an dded extra as well. This is worth considering if touring out in the back of beyond.

Overlooking insurance cover is not an option when the cost of a camper van or caravan is probably the next highest amount spent by most people after buying a home.

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