Keeping your caravan safe from thieves

Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way to profit from stealing – so here’s a timely security reminder for motorhome, trailer and caravan owners hitting the open road for the summer.

The top priority is checking out your caravan insurance to make sure you have the right cover – including breakdown insurance that suits your vehicle or trailer specifications as some caravan and motorhome insurance excludes vehicles over certain sizes and weight.

Other important points to consider include:

  • Locking and loading – set that immobiliser every time you stop and leave the vehicle. Unhitching and towing off a caravan or trailer takes seconds and is carried out with time to spare while you stop at the services for a comfort break.

Don’t make a false economy by buying cheap padlocks, chains or wheel locks.

  • Do alarm thieves – alarms will not stop determined criminals but will put off opportunists
  • Don’t show and tell  – hide valuables away to avoid tempting thieves. Some insurers argue the thieves are more likely to break in to untidy caravans and motorhomes because the owners will probably leave their possessions out
  • Don’t play paper chase – leaving ownership and registration documents in your caravan or motorhome makes selling on too easy for thieves.
  • Leave your mark – etching vehicle identification identification in to your windows is like marking out your territory and a big deterrent for crooks. don’t forget to go all the way and mark up possessions inside with ultraviolet pens – you can buy kits at most stationery shops.
  • Be a nosy neighbour – Join a neighbourhood caravan watch at home and get to know some on site when you are away.
  • Keeping track – Consider a GPS tracker that transmits the location of your caravan or motorhome to help police if your vehicle is stolen

Lastly, don’t panic too much about security – take sensible precautions but enjoy your holiday as well.

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