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Don’t overlook eyesight tests for drivers

The devil is often in the detail with business insurance – and eyesight tests for drivers are easy for an employer to overlook. Keeping a register of eyesight tests and results for drivers is a must for firms who could … Continue reading

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AEB gives drivers a brake with cheaper car insurance

Drivers who have vehicles with emergency braking systems fitted as standard can pick up cheaper car insurance premiums. Several car insurance firms recognise the benefits of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

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Driver with 36 penalty points still legally on the road

More than 1,400 motorists with at least 12 penalty points on their licences are still allowed to drive – and one driver is still behind the wheel despite having 36 penalty points.

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Driving’s all in the stars behind the wheel of fortune

Astrologists would have drivers believe they are sitting behind a wheel of fortune rather than a steering wheel once they get into a car. Car insurer Admiral has called in astrologists to look at the driving records of 3 million … Continue reading

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New drugs and driving laws could have an unexpected side effect for many motorists

The new laws recommend legal limits for driving with 16 different drugs in the body – including eight common prescription drugs. However, the Insurance Blogger has found out that any driver in a road accident faces a routine test for … Continue reading

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Campaign to make insurance price comparison easier

Consumer champions want insurance companies to clearly print the cost of last year’s premiums on renewal quotes so customers can compare prices. The idea comes from Which? The organisation believes printing the prices alongside each other would encourage customers to … Continue reading

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Cash-for-crash accidents staged every 12 minutes

Car insurance firms reckon more than 300,000 cash-for-crash staged accidents have taken place on Britain’s roads over the past five years.

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Online driving licences to make car insurance cheaper

Car insurance is about to get cheaper as insurers can check out driver convictions online from March 2014. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reckons the new database will shave up to £15 off the cost of car insurance by … Continue reading

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Comprehensive car insurance cots fall…year on year

Drivers ended 2013 with cheap car insurance as prices tumbled 9% over the year, according to industry statistics. The figures were released by trade body the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which tracks the cost of comprehensive car insurance policies … Continue reading

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Smart box takes six seconds to reconstruct a crash

The next generation of black box technology for cars will take proving a driver’s talent behind the wheel up a gear. Instead of just tracking where a vehicle is and how the driver brakes, accelerates and corners, the new smart … Continue reading

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