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Confusing insurance documents are longer than books

Three-quarters of home and car insurance customers don’t bother to read the small print of their policies – and of those who do, less than a fifth say they understand the jargon.

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Britain’s Mugging Black Spots

Most police forces reported a hike in pickpocketing and bag thefts with almost 2 million people falling victim to thieves while they were out and about last year. The figures show that in the three minutes or so it takes … Continue reading

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Countryside thieves spring into action

Spring doesn’t mean just an idyllic ideal as the countryside comes back to life – the new season also means a surge in thefts from farms and riding stables. Living a life in the country may come with less stress, … Continue reading

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Campaign to make insurance price comparison easier

Consumer champions want insurance companies to clearly print the cost of last year’s premiums on renewal quotes so customers can compare prices. The idea comes from Which? The organisation believes printing the prices alongside each other would encourage customers to … Continue reading

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Insurance extras don’t add up, says financial watchdog

Consumer champions are step-ping into the £1 billion insurance ‘add on’ market to stop insurers selling overpriced cover consumers do not need.

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Flood emergency plans for horse and pony owners

Specialist insurers are being flooded with bad weather claims from riders who can’t find anywhere to shelter their horses. NFU Mutual insures 70% of farmers and thousands of homes in the country and is dealing with more than 11,000 flooding … Continue reading

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Being right on CUE could put up your insurance

If you don’t want to bump up your insurance premiums, don’t ring your insurer for advice. Not many customers have heard about the dreaded Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE), but if they have any insurance, their details will be logged.

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Why do insurance companies check your credit history?

Whether you pay your bills on time or have court judgements is as much interest to your home or car insurer as someone lending you money. Anyone applying for insurance probably does not think twice about a credit search. But you … Continue reading

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Don’t believe a word insurance companies say

Insurance companies are not benign entities ready to sign off a big, fat cheque when life’s worst happens. They are multinational conglomerates designed as money machines to print off cash for the shareholders from the profits they make. Their marketing is … Continue reading

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Insurance small print leads to big problems

The small print in insurance policies has long been a bugbear of  The Insurance Blogger– but help is at hand from consumer watchdogs at last. Unclear terms, silly conditions and nit-picking delays are upsetting for many who have made what … Continue reading

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