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Don’t worry about online insurance spies – it’s all made up!

Big Brother insurance companies would have social media networking users quaking in their shoes worrying about having claims turned down because they give away too much personal information online. The truth seems different to The Insurance Blogger after wading through … Continue reading

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Insurance Brokers Vs Price Comparison Websites…..Who’s better?…FIGHT!

Insurance brokers are incensed by a mystery shopping exercise that accuses them of charging customers ‘wallet busting’ prices. The survey claims rely on a broker rather than a price comparison web site can push up car and home insurance premiums … Continue reading

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The Insurance Blogger Takes a Long Hard Look at Event Insurance

If you are turning out for a local public event, do you know if you are covered if anything goes wrong? Public liability insurance is a must-have for event organisers – from craft fairs and dances to firework displays and … Continue reading

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Festival thieves prey on unguarded camp sites

Thieves stole belongings worth £226,738 from festival-goers at the leading music events last summer. The figure was totted up by police from music lovers reporting 1,100 crimes at the leading 11 festivals – with 75% of the thefts from unguarded … Continue reading

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Why do I have to pay to complain about my insurance?

Car and home insurance companies are forever looking for new ways to make money out of their customers – and the Insurance Blogger can reveal yet another. After recent blogs highlighting the cost of repairs and offering tips on how … Continue reading

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10 ways to make your car insurance cheaper

The average cost of car insurance is around £1,500 a year – but that figure does not take in to account the most expensive policies for young drivers could cost up to £4,000 or more. Driving down the cost of … Continue reading

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Press 2 if you are making a fraudulent insurance claim…

The Insurance Blogger feels somewhat tainted after discussing two home insurance claims on the phone. The experience was completely unsavoury and involved some minutes listening to a school ma’am reading a recorded message warning me of the perils of making … Continue reading

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Alien Abduction Insurance – Space… The Final Frontier

If you are the kind of person who thinks they have everything battened down when it comes to insurance, then think again if you don’t have alien abduction cover. Several insurers offer this UFO abduction cover – with benefits ranging … Continue reading

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Fashion Injuries given a Dressing Down by Lawyers

The latest stupid insurance statistics dealing with fashion related injuries actually caused a few chuckles in the Insurance Blogger office. Personal injury firm First4lawyers have well spent time and money compiling the stats – which gives some idea of why … Continue reading

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Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay… Because I’m Footing the Bill!

Why people seem to treat their insurance policies like a piggy bank is a mystery to the Insurance Blogger. The whole idea of insurance is to protect against the risk of something happening – like a fire, flood, theft or … Continue reading

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