Cheap car insurance is one of Google’s top searches for 2010

Cheap car insurance is one of the highest searched phrases for the UK on Google for 2010 – ranking just below cheap flights, hotels and train tickets.

The ranking was revealed in Google’s Zeitgeist survey for the most popular online searches.

Zeroing in more on just who is trying to save money on line by searching for cheap insurance, the figures seem to show that the most ardent penny pinchers looking for an insurance bargain live north of Birmingham.

An insurance comparison site has published an index of the places people live and work that have made the most online searches for cheap insurance.

 Top of the table is Wigan – closely followed by Bolton.

The only place in the top 10 that is south of Wigan is Swansea, who come third in the table.

Finding cheap insurance on a comparison site

The other towns and cities in the league are Oldham, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Warrington, Huddersfield, Manchester and Blackburn.

The most revealing information from the statistic is how the towns are clustered mainly in the northwest.

Like all analysis, the statistic is pretty meaningless as all the information reveals is a measurement of web site visits. The information does not add any explanation of why these places are the most popular for people seeking cheap insurance.

The Insurance Blogger would like to hazard a couple of ‘whys” –

  • Many drivers and households are finding the cost of insurance too expensive
  • Splitting markets in to tightly focussed consumer groups – like the over 50’s – makes comparing and finding the right cover just too difficult

 Online insurance comparison sites are big business and have changed the way almost everyone shops for car and home insurance in just a few short years.

 Perhaps the time has come for someone to strip away the extras, exclusions and conditions to offer basic insurance cover at a basic price while letting the buyers add in any extras with a clear and transparent contract.

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