The best ways to find cheap car insurance

Looking for cheap car insurance can drive you mad

The one place your sat-nav can’t tell you where to go is the best place for cheap car insurance.

Many drivers end up with dead-end cover and paying over the odds because they follow the route of renewing their policy with the same insurer year after year without looking for a cheaper car insurance deal.

If you are one of those steering clear of endless telephone calls repeating the same information to dozens of different firms to try and save a few pounds every year, then try our way next time your policy is up for renewal.

Paying less for car insurance by comparing premiums, policy benefits and features is easy with the Quoteline Direct online service because all the work is done for you.

Finding a car insurance quote online

The idea behind online car insurance comparison is seeing how much you need to pay for the cover you want rather than letting an insurer charge you what they think you will pay.

Car insurance is a competitive market and big name providers are falling over themselves for your business.

All you have to do is type in answers to some questions about your driving history in to our web site and click a button to search one place for more than 450 policies from leading low cost car insurance providers in minutes.

Our team of experienced underwriters will tailor the quote to your individual circumstance and work out how much you can save.

How car insurers work out what you pay

A car insurance policy is a risk assessment that takes three main factors in to account:

  • Your claims history as a driver
  • The car you drive and the car’s value
  • The risk address – this is where the car is parked overnight

If you are a youngster with a poor driving history with several insurance claims, drive a sporty car and live in a high crime rate post code, the risk of further claims is high, so you pay more to reflect the risk.

If you are older, have a maximum no claims discount, drive a family car and live in a place with low crime every night; your premium is likely to come in a lot lower.

Drivers can save money by switching firms for the best motor policy deal, and with the Quoteline Direct online car insurance comparison service, it’s free and easy to check out what’s on offer.

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