Cutting the cost of motorcycle insurance in half

Lighter evenings and warmer days encourage many motorcycle riders to take their machines out of mothballs for the summer.

In these days of rising insurance costs, it’s sensible to review motorcycle cover to make sure riders have the best and cheapest cover.

Saving up to 50% of the cost of bike insurance is easy – providing riders know what rewards their insurers are likely to offer.

Around 25 insurers offer motorcycle cover – and then only a few of them will cut the cost for riders who show they take care of their bikes and try to improve their driving skills.

Qualifying as an advanced rider by passing a special motorcycle test like the Driving Standard Agency’s Enhanced Rider Scheme qualifies for a discount off the cost of motorcycle insurance.

Advanced rider discount

Many insurance will knock between 5% and 12.5% off premiums for proof of passing an advanced riding test.

Showing your insurer that you look after your bike by adding security can also earn a cheap motorcycle insurance quote.

Around 10 bike insurers will cut insurance costs from anything between 2% and 12.5% if you have an industry-compliant immobiliser fitted.

As this is a standard fitting on most machines, don’t forget to tell the insurer to apply the discount.

Alarms are also another insurance reduce – and again, many are fitted as standard by the maker.

Discourage bike thieves

A third of insurers give reduce the annual motorcycle insurance premium by up to 10% if riders disclose an alarm is fitted – upgrading to a Thatcham standard will attract more money off – up to 15%.

Making work harder for motorcycle thieves to ring a bike also helps reduce the cost of insurance.

Signing up for the Datatag scheme that stamps personal identification markings on the bike can let riders collect up to another 10% insurance reduction.

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