How To Deliver Cheap Van Insurance

Finding the right van insurance at the right price is often a lot harder than finding the best cover for your home or car.

Van insurance quotes for the same vehicle can vary a lot between different insurers.

Each insurer has a checklist of points to consider when insuring a van – and where your van rates on this scorecard decides how much your van insurance costs.

Size matters for van insurers becauuse they consider the smaller the van, the less risk of the driver having an accident.

Mileage is next on the checklist – the more miles the van clocks up in a year, then the higher the premium.

What goes in the van counts high on the score as well. If the load is a hazardous or toxic cargo, then this will be reflected in a more expensive premium as well.

Don’t forget the driver as well. The driver’s history on the road will also go along way to wards calculating the cost of van insurance. Pool vans with an ‘any driver’ policy are likely to come in more expensive than a named driver.

You can try and keep the cost of van insurance down by following these tips:

  • Don’t buy a van that is any bigger than you really need
  • Fit insurance company approved anti-theft devices
  • Don’t keep changing vehicles – older vehicles generally receive lower quotes
  • Keep proof of your car driving no claims bonus – some van insurers will give you a like for like discount
  • Take a higher voluntary excess – you may pay more in the event of an accident but your premium will be less.
  • Keep a van log. If you can show you have driven a van before you are less of a risk and can get a lower premium.

Some insurers offer ‘free extras’ bundled with the policy, like replacement vehicle cover, free legal advice and free tools cover.

Quoteline Direct offers a free online van insurance comparison service where you can check out the cost and features of many insurers offering commercial van cover.

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