Cheaper fuel and cheaper insurance cuts the cost of motoring

The cost of motoring is spiralling with the cost of fuel and car insurance at record highs – so here are a few tips on how to save some money.

  • Leave the car at home for quick trips like picking the kids up from school or driving to the corner shop for a paper or milk.
  • Short journeys drink up fuel because engines do not run at their best with frequent stopping and starting. The bonus is short walks will more than likely do you and the kids good as well.
  • Think about car sharing with a colleague or neighbour for trips to work or the supermarket shop. Splitting the cost or taking turns in each other’s cars will save you both money
  • Check your car insurance for free offers. Some insurers include free or cut price vouchers with your policy pack
  • Take off roof racks when you don’t need them as they create ‘drag’ that slows down the car and leads to increasing fuel consumption
  • Regularly check tyre pressure. Properly inflated tyres reduce fuel usage and make driving in the wet or cold safer.
  • Drive with a lighter foot on the pedals and stick to 55mph or less to maximise fuel consumption
  • Take heavy tools and other items out of the car if you don’t need them. Weight increases fuel consumption.
  •  Don’t modify the vehicle. Modifying key parts of a car increases insurance premiums and can alter fuel consumption as well.
  • Make sure you buy insurance for the miles you drive and not more – the less you drive, then the cheaper car insurance quote

One of the best ways to cutting driving costs is shopping around for cheaper car insurance with an online comparison site.

Not all car insurance policies are the same – they offer different cover for specific drivers. Compare car insurance policies with an online site to find a better deal.

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