New driving course could spell cheaper car insurance for new drivers

A new extreme driving course that takes learners above and beyond the standard to take a test can cut car insurance by up to £600, claims the course provider.

Drive iQ Pro is delivered by experienced tutors that give learners a better chance to learn how to handle their vehicles in all types of driving conditions.

The course covers driving on motorways, at night and in wet weather alongside more standard modules and is similar to the long-standing but much derided Pass Plus scheme.

Completing the course earns the new driver a BTEC level 2 certification and the option to buy cheaper car insurance from Drive IQ partners.

Andrew Boyce, co-founder of Drive iQ PRO, said: “Better driver education will save lives. Those who learn to drive PRO not only benefit long-term by becoming safer drivers, they are also rewarded financially.”

According to the AA, the average price of car insurance for a young driver is £1,950, and insurers have intimated the price is going to keep going up.

The new course does not replace the Pass Plus scheme for newly licensed drivers, but many drivers have complained that once they have paid for and completed Pass Plus, many insurers have failed to take their extra learning in to account when setting insurance premiums.

The Insurance Blogger loudly cheers any initiative to help learner drivers find cheap car insurance

But…at this time there is no guarantee that passing the course will affect the cost of car insurance, and as the Drive iQ course costs £150 to enrol, spending out 10% of the annual insurance premium without knowing you will get the money back seems a risk.

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