Drivers weigh-up cheaper fuel Vs cheaper car insurance

Drivers are trying to save on fuel costs rather than choosing cheaper car insurance which offering less cover.

Insurance comparison sites say about 70% of drivers checking out their prices want to save money on car insurance, but end up paying more or less the same because they will not give up high levels of cover. At the same time drivers say they would rather keep their foot off the accelerator so they can save a few pennies here and there by filling up less at the pumps.

One comparison site asked drivers what cover they would sacrifice for cheaper car insurance and the response was very little:

  • 97% would not switch from fully comprehensive cover to third party cover in order to reduce their premium
  • Only 6% of drivers say they would consider not renewing their breakdown cover to save money
  • 90% would not choose a higher policy excess in order to reduce their premium
  • Only one in ten drivers would consider doing without a free courtesy car if it reduced their car insurance premium
  • Only 2% of drivers say they have considered driving without insurance. 

Looking at these questions in reverse reveals the best ways of keeping the cost of car insurance down –for instance, cutting add-ons like breakdown cover and offering to pay a higher voluntary excess.

Instead of cutting cover, 43% of drivers say they are trying to use their car less as a way of saving money, while more still are trying to change their driving style to reduce petrol consumption.

More than four in ten say they now change gear more frequently to try and avoid revving the engine, while over half of drivers say they are consciously slowing down more gradually as they approach roundabouts and junctions. 

Others are trying to stay within the recommended speed limits for economic fuel consumption set by their carmaker.

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