Guide to Finding the Cheapest Courier Van Insurance

Courier van insurance comes as a package for self-employed drivers or fleets that cover vehicles plus the goods in transit.

Standard motor insurance is just not up to the job, especially if the courier carries high-value cargo.

If you are looking for cheap courier van insurance, here are some points to consider:

  • Courtesy vehicle – as a business, you cannot afford to have one or more vehicles off the road after an accident, theft or other incident. Check the cost of hiring a vehicle direct against the extra cost of insurance to ensure value for money.
  • Goods in transit – The technical term for the parcels and packages inside the vehicle. Check for limitations on cover. Some insurers will exclude certain items that may be flammable, poisonous or likely to injure passers-by in the case of an accident.

If you carry these goods or need hazchem labelling, you may need to seek a specialist insurer.

  • Comprehensive insurance is a must to give all-risks protection
  • If your vehicle is loaded and left overnight, the insurer might insist you park in a secure compound

If you are a self-employed courier van driver and work from home, look at taking out public liability cover – and don’t forget standard home insurance might not cover a home office, even if you only use the facility for the odd hour here and there.

For bigger businesses, bundle in employer liability cover to protect staff driving your vehicles and working at your premises.

Beef up the security on your vans with a tracker, immobiliser and a robust alarm system to make life just that little more difficult for all but the most determined thief.

You can cut the cost of courier van insurance by offering the insurer a larger voluntary excess and by scanning the policy to make sure any features that you won’t use are removed from the cover.

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