CH3R1SH plates go under the hammer

Love or hate them, the big problem for cherish plate owners is how their vehicles are valued by car insurers.

As the DVLA gears up for the final personalised number plate auction of the year, some sought-after registrations have reserve prices of up to £10,000.

Car insurers do not charge extra premiums for covering a car with a cherish plate – but adding a plate does not increase the worth of a car by the value of the registration.

So adding a £4,000 cherish plate to a £750 banger does not make the car worth £4,750 if it’s written off in a crash.

If the car is written off or stolen, the registration can still be transferred.

F1 is the country’s most expensive cherish plate. A Bradford businessman paid £440,000 paid in 2008. The number was first issued in Essex in 1904.

With a reserve of £3,000, AL11 SON is attracting the most attention at the auction, but the highest reserve is £10,000 for 14 O. Another popular name plate is NE11 LLS, which has a reserve of £2,000. Boy band fans can bid for JLS 13 (Reserve – £1,800 – although most are probably not old enough to drive.

The DVLA is auctioning 1,500 cherish plates including; ALF 4X (£450), ASW 41N (£450),  BAG 80Y (£400), 1970 DB (£2,500), ELL 51E (£400), FER 458X (£400), FSM 117H (£400), GYM 805S (£400), HES 600D (£400), HU57 LER (£1,000), KRY 848Y (£400), MR51 GNS (£500), NE11 LLS (£2,000), 36 OO (£3,000), 11 OOO (£4,000), RO11 AND (£4,000), UTD 574R (£400), VD51 NGH (£1,000).

The DVLA’s Jody Davies said: “Our final auction of the year has again been timed to ensure our successful bidders will be able to turn around the relevant paperwork in time to place their registration on their chosen vehicle. The perfect Christmas surprise.

“As our figures show, a huge number of personalised registrations are bought as gifts, and what better personal gift for someone than their own private registration, one they’re able to keep for life!”

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