Santa’s not the only one trying to get in at Christmas

Although Santa is the only one who wants slip down the chimney to leave you some presents – the other burglars and thieves are all intent in stealing the gifts parcelled up under the Christmas tree.

Home insurers say burglaries go up 20% at Christmas, so it’s sensible to take some basic security precautions.

Householders may also lose out on making a claim for stolen gifts if home security is not up to scratch – which means matching at least the minimum precautions listed on home contents insurance policies.

The most simple and popular security upgrades are changing locks, adding window locks and fitting alarms.

Lights, locks and nosey neighbours keep thieves out 

Insurers suggest that if you are going away for Christmas or New Year –

  • Let the neighbours know so they can keep and eye on your home – only one in three householders bother to take this simple precaution.
  • Fit lights as a deterrent for thieves because they don’t want anyone spying on their activities. Investing in passive outdoor lighting that activates when someone walks near vulnerable doors and windows is well worth considering.
  • You can also put some table lamps in living rooms and bedrooms on a timer to make your home look occupied while you are out.
  • Lock out thieves by replacing latches on outside gates with keypad locks
  • Don’t leave a spare key under flowerpots, stones or dustbins. It’s one of the first places crooks look and they may well spot a trusted visitor picking the key up to get in.

Homes without security measures are 10 times more likely to provide rich pickings for thieves over the holiday period, according to insurance companies – and police crime figures show burglaries have increased at this time of year for the past two years.

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