Clocks go back and insurance claims go up at Halloween

Homeowners without insurance better hope that those things that go bump in the night at Halloween are nothing worse than grouchy ghosts.

With the nights closing in while Halloween and fireworks night are closing in, insurance companies are bracing themselves for a higher level of claims.

It’s also a good time to review home insurance to make sure cover is up to date and includes accidental damage.

The clocks will go back by an hour at 2.00 am on Sunday, October 30, as British Summer Time ends for another year.

The next night is Halloween, even though many parties and celebrations take place over the preceding weekend.

Home insurance firms reckon burglaries increase by 5 per cent when the clocks go back, giving thieves and vandals longer nights and more shadows to hide in, while November 5 is the worst day for reporting damage to homes and cars.

Statistics also warn road accidents jump 15 per cent because of longer, darker nights and mornings.

Vandalism also increases by 150 per cent and damage to cars by 50 per cent.

“We always warn of the increased security risks around darker nights, Halloween visitors and, of course, firework parties in the back garden, but in 2010 we have everything coming all at once,” said Rob Townend, property claims director at Aviva.

“Obviously the extra hours of darkness give opportunist thieves more time and better cover to slip unnoticed into your home or garden shed.

“On top of that we have Halloween, which often becomes a night of more damaging tricks than treats, and bonfire night, which means plenty of homeowners are out enjoying parties so cars are left unattended and homes empty.”

Insurers are keen to sign up more customers and often offer extra deals in the lead up to the clocks changing.

For homeowners or motorists with insurance renewals due, it’s a good time to show your wicked side by shopping around for cheaper insurance.

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