Comparing Car Insurance Requires Genius Status!

How much does car insurance cost – the answer depends on who you ask.

The answer insurance companies would have you believe is based on a personal quote that takes account of your gender, age, driving experience, car and where you live.

However, shopping around produces a huge variation in prices dressed up in different ways.

For instance, some brokers will discount car insurance by offering a share of their commission as a cash-back.

Coupon sites snip away at the price by offering cash off.

Car insurance comparison sites sing out how much cheaper they are on endless TV and radio commercials.

Sorting out the cheapest cover seems to depend on how much time a driver will spend shopping around the various web sites.

Take the cost of Aviva insurance – Quidco, the UK’s self-proclaimed leading cashback and voucher site is offering £65 cashback with 15 weeks of free car insurance plus a £25 cashback bonus if you buy two or more Aviva products in the same month.

While Aviva is offering 15 weeks of free car insurance if you buy online or 10 weeks of free car insurance if you buy over the phone to new customers who have at least a four year no claim discount on their existing car insurance policy.

How does a consumer easily compare those costs?

The Insurance Blogger’s advice is don’t fall for these marketing ploys – work out the cover you need from a car insurance policy and make a short list of providers who can offer that cover or at least something pretty close to what you want.

Once you have a shortlist of at least three insurers, call them direct for their best price and compare like with like costs.

The alternative is sitting down with a spreadsheet and calculator dealing with calculations to work out the cost of car insurance that rival Fermat’s Last Theorem – and remember that took around 350 years to solve.

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2 Responses to Comparing Car Insurance Requires Genius Status!

  1. Terry says:

    Particularly agree with your last point of calling them direct, I have found you can always get a better deal by speaking to someone rather than doing it over the internet. A human being is open to suggestion and persuadable, a web page isn’t…simples!

  2. Always worth talking to the top two companies that comes up with the lowest prices on a comparison site for car insurance. If there is any chance to reduce cost it will be with them and they are already low. They want your business so will do all they can to get it.

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