Comprehensive car insurance cover that isn’t what it seems

The words ‘comprehensive’ car insurance cover conjures up a certain expectation from a customer about what to expect from a policy – but some charge top rates but fail to deliver.

The problem is the insurance industry has no standard comprehensive car insurance policy standard, so each insurer can add or subtract features and benefits.

This tweaking makes cost and benefit comparisons difficult without reading through the small print of every policy from a short-list of three or more suppliers before making a purchase decision.

Just because a policy is advertised as ‘fully comprehensive cover’ does not mean all risks are covered.

The average price for comprehensive car insurance policies looked at by The Insurance Blogger with the help of was £390, but the cover varied between the cheapest (Axa) at £330.96 to the most expensive (One Call Insurance) at £441.96.

Cheap car insurance is not always the best

The cheapest comprehensive car policy did not include emergency accommodation, legal or breakdown cover – which would cost at least an extra £66.98 – while the same extras come as standard in the most expensive.

The costs are based on a male teacher, aged 40, driving 10,000 miles a year in a 2006 Ford Focus with a five-year no claims discount. The car is kept on a driveway in the ME15 postcode area.

The cost differential bears out The Insurance Blogger’s advice to put together a checklist of features you want from your car insurance and to shop around for the best cover at the right price.

That does not necessarily mean snapping up the cheapest policy and hoping for the best.

If you do not need breakdown cover, legal advice or a replacement car, then strike those options out to cut the price of cover.

Also check out more than one comparison site because insurers are trying to skew the market by only offering cover through certain online comparison sites or not putting their products on these sites at all.

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