Leak claims cost home insurers £2 million a day

Home insurance companies are drowning in a £2 million a day flood of claims for water damage.

The claims add up to £730 million a year and what’s causing the huge surge in pipes and leaks is a mystery.

One home insurer, Allianz, has released a breakdown of claims that shows four out of 10 claims arise from feeder pipes in to homes.

The firm reports householder claims for water damage are up 44% for 2010, compared with 2009.

Behind feeder pipes, the other main sources of leaks are in the bathroom, toilet and radiators.

Allianz is paying out an average £7,547 per claim. Claims from damage from open pipes, which are not behind walls or under floors, are on average £4,000 higher.

Allianz spokesman Gareth McChesney, said: “Water damage claims account for almost 30% of all claims costs for our household business and this is a significant for us and important to the cost of household insurance.

“It should also be remembered that water damage makes a mess of people’s homes, sometimes ruining valuable photographs and documents which cannot always be replaced.

“No one wants to come down in the morning to find their home under a foot of water.” 

Insurers have no idea why the number of claims is soaring. They are not confined to any specific area or cause.

“It is difficult to know why we are seeing this sudden increase in the number of claims but we recommend that all water connections should be inspected regularly to ensure they are not corroding,” said McChesney.

“Also, if in doubt about a DIY job, using a professional could be a lot less stressful and less costly in the long-run.”

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