Counting the cost of the house of little horrors

kids damageWhoever said children should be seen and not heard ever had to live with the little horrors, according to data showing how much damage they do to homes released by insurers.

In financial terms, the little darlings cost their parents an average £5,000 each for the swathe of damage they leave behind when growing up.

And the figures show that three-year-old toddlers are the worst – leaving a trail of destruction valued at £526 as they totter around the home.

The most common home insurance claims for damage caused by children are stained carpets, broken ornaments and pictures dabbed on walls.

Home insurer More Than put a cost on how much children cost their parents in repairs and replacements by the time they are 18 years old.

The figure is an astonishing £3.5 billion.

The report also reveals peaks and troughs in their onslaught that seemingly shows children are intent on demolishing the family home.

Three-year-olds cost the most – but the bill is still high until dipping at around 10 years of age, only to rise again when children reach 18 years old, mainly as the result of parties and carelessness.

Girls turn out not to be angels – the damage they leave in their wake is just as bad as the destruction by boys.

The firm’s spokesman Janet Connor said: “From clothing to education, the costs of raising a child are well known. However, rarely is a figure put on the amount of damage that children can inflict on the home. For the first time, our research shows just how extensive and expensive it can be.

“Whether you have restless, wall-wrecking toddlers or party-loving teenagers it’s important to have appropriate cover for your home to make sure you’re covered for all sorts of eventualities.”

The most common damage children cause at home

1 Spilling food and drink on carpets 63%
2 Smashing plates and crockery 35%
3 Drawing and painting on walls 33%
4 Breaking vases, pictures and photo frames 24%
5 Ripping wallpaper 22%
6 Bouncing on beds until they break 15%
7 Smashing windows 10%
8 Damaging a TV 9%
9 Stuffing food and drink in electrical objects 7%
10 Hiding valuables in the washing machine 6.6%)


Source: More Than

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