Couples drive each other crazy behind the wheel

Couples don’t put the brakes on the battle of the sexes when they get in the car – in fact driving with a partner sitting alongside can rev arguments up a gear.

More than half of women drivers feel stressed and nervous with their partner in the car, according to new research.

Men are less affected – but one in 10 confess they drive more carefully with their partner in the car, says the survey by car insurer Aviva.

Men also try to defend some outdated attitudes about women drivers in the survey – especially the 17%  believe they are superior drivers to their partners and 9% who prefer their partner not to drive their car, claiming:

  • Their driving abilities are not as good (20%)
  • The car is too powerful for a woman to drive (26%)
  • Their partner lacks confidence behind the wheel (16%)
  • Their partner is not competent at parking (16%)

Men don not have everything their own way on the roads. Some women believe their partners are over confident (13%) and one in 10 think their men drive recklessly or too fast.

Both sexes agree men are the main drivers – scoring 43% against 10% of women, although who drives most varies depending on the journey.

Men are more likely to take the longer journeys (78% vs 13%), driving on motorways (78% vs 15%) and country roads (74% vs 19%). 

Men are also more likely than women to take over driving in bad weather (33% vs. 5%).

“As this research shows, women are less likely to get behind the wheel when in a car with their partner and this has affected their confidence in their abilities, which shouldn’t be the case, “ said a spokesman for the car insurance firm.

“Particularly as other statistics show that women are safer drivers than men as they are involved in fewer accidents.

“Simple measures such as sharing the responsibility for longer or more challenging drives, or considering your partner’s confidence when you are in the car together mean that everyone can get the most out of driving and keep their skills topped up.”

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