Who pays for crooked Britain? False insurance claims are on the rise

In the time it takes to read this article, burglars will break in to five homes in the UK. On top of that, while you read this, about eight or 10 garden sheds or garages will be robbed.

The latest crime statistics reveal that thieves break in to 710,000 homes a year – at a rate of one a minute plus 1.25 million garages and garden buildings.
Although the latest crime figures for the 12 months ending last September show crime is generally on a downward trend, thefts from homes, garages and sheds are up.

  • House break-ins were up by 52,000 (9%)
  • Garden building thefts were up 103,000 (16%)
  • Car crime fell 15%

These crime figures are part of the reason why home and car insurance is rising at such a high rate. Cash-for-crash fraudsters are reckoned to pile about £40 a year on to the cost of every car policy – along with rising problems from drivers without insurance.

A nation of liars and fraudsters

The other big factor pushing up the cost of home insurance is damage from bad weather and broken water pipes. Some insurers reckon water damage accounts for nearly a third of all home insurance pay outs.

Legal and General is also grumbling that homeowners slipping the odd extra item on the list of damaged possessions is pushing up the cost of settling claims as well.

Insurance costs are soaring mainly due to circumstances beyond the average policyholder’s control and are expected to go up again this year by at least another 20%.

This will add about £130 to the average cost of comprehensive car insurance, taking the price to £800 a year and about £70 to the average cost of home insurance – pushing the annual premium up to £420.
If insurance companies are to be believed, Britain is becoming a nation of liars and fraudsters with the honest millions footing the bill for the crooks.

To paraphrase Mr Churchill (not the TV dog!) – never was so much paid by so many to cover the dishonesty of so few.

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