Cut Business Costs by finding the right Insurance for Hairdressers

If you’re combing the web looking for hairdressing insurance, then you need to consider a few important points before settling on a policy.

How you run your business and the cuts, crimps and colouring you offer customers all have an effect on the cost of hairdresser’s insurance.

Your insurer will want to know just what treatments and services you offer – because some may be on their list of exclusions.

So make a list and make sure you tick them off against those covered by the policy, or if something goes wrong and a disgruntled customer makes a claim, you may not have insurance cover.

Where you work also has a bearing on your insurance cover.

Working at a salon means looking a buildings and contents, like stock, fixtures and fittings, plus  cover in case treatments go wrong.

Mobile hairdressers who treat customers at their own homes need business cover for their car, plus liability cover.

Home salon hairdressers also need liability cover.

All hairdressers also need to consider issues like insuring and transporting stock.

The same rules apply to buying hairdresser insurance as any other business cover.

Forget the price and concentrate on the policy features and exclusions for the closest bespoke hairdresser insurance package that is closest to how your business operates.

Giving full details of your qualifications and experience may also help reduce your insurance costs.

You may find discussing this with a broker rather than an impersonal comparison web site delivers the best results.

Combined hairdressing and beauty salon businesses will need upgraded cover to safeguard from claims against more products and treatments.

Once you have a shortlist of suitable policies, start looking at value for money by going through the costs and any excesses.

Hairdressers handle sharp tools and chemicals that can maim or burn, so it is important not to skimp on the cover for a sake of a few pounds.

Once you have settled on a hairdresser insurance policy, don’t forget to keep the insurer up-to-date with any changes in your business.

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