Keeping digital music and movie downloads safe

Music and movie downloaders need to make sure home insurance covers the cost of replacing their digital collections.

It’s easy to wipe out a digital collection that has cost several hundred pounds to put together over a couple of years if a player or computer is damaged, lost or stolen.

The risk of hard drive or other equipment failures erasing files is also ever present.

As more and more of us move away from a static CD or DVD collection to keeping our music and movies on an iPad, phones, computers and players, like iPods, it’s as well to check you are covered.

Not all household insurance policies offer digital protection – so anyone with a music or movie collection needs to check the small print.

Some insurers say digital collections are data files and are outside the scope of home insurance cover, while others include them as personal possessions, sometimes with limited, capped claim amount.

With music downloads available for as little as 40p online from HMV, the download business is booming. iTunes has just chalked up 10 billion online sales.

The best way to protect a download collection is to back up all tracks and movies, preferably online.

Many online backup sites offer a free service of a few gigabytes that can take care of photos, music and movies – and many more are available for just a few pounds.

Online backup is well worth considering, as your collection is safe from fire, theft, damage, or accidental file wiping.

Next, keep a scanned copy of all download receipts in a separate folder online.

The chances are that if you have a regular backup schedule, you will never need to make a digital claim on your home insurance, but if you do, having the receipts will make receiving a pay out much easier.

It’s easy to check whether digital collections are covered on home insurance cover with Quoteline Direct, just give one of our consultants a call on 0844 888 844.

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