Does your household insurance cover pets running wild?

Most pet owners will know the feeling; after spending a great evening out, you return home to find a scene reminiscent of the dinosaurs gone wild in Jurassic Park.

The first feeling is shock; quickly followed by disbelief that your pampered pooch or charming cat could do so much harm in such a short time.

The next feeling is relief that you are insured… or you thought you were.

Here’s a tip to consider. If you have to choose between a child and a pet, go for the child every time because your household insurance covers accidental damage by children but excludes any damage caused by pets.

The reason is straightforward – the risk of a pet wreaking havoc is seemingly more than that of a child because you can’t train pets. Well, all The Insurance Blogger has to say to that is you have not met my children yet.

Now some shocking statistics:

Apparently pets run up a tab of £690 of damage to the average home per year. Most is down to dogs (55%), dirty and otherwise. Next come those butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth cats (29%) and horrifyingly, budgies are winged destroyers causing 8% of damage and somehow, fish are responsible for another 2%.

One-in-five home owners have made a claim for accidental damage as a result of a pet running wild in the past year, says a report from

Most were knocked back by their insurers. Only one of 30 leading household insurance brands includes protection from accidental damage by pets.

All this can give pet owners some paws for thought – like before renewing that cheap home insurance policy, check out whether damage by pets is included. If it’s not, you will have to fork out the money yourself to replace cherished ornaments, scuffed furniture and chewed up curtains and carpets.

The quickest and easiest way of making sure your home insurance includes cover for cats, dogs and even more exotic pets is to call a broker for a quote.

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  1. madelaine says:

    Could you please direct me to the “one of 30 leading insurers” that covers pet damage? thanks

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